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A place to discuss improving Sevenoaks as a town.

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Karl ushered me into a fairly spacious room in the living room, where about ten guests, men and women, were seated on sofas and armchairs. Among the women there were also very attractive ones. Men of all ages, dressed monotonously and elegantly. With our arrival, everything was in motion. I was introduced in turn to each guest, and then all went in a noisy crowd to the next room, where tables were arranged for four persons each. The mistress of the house came out, a slender petite woman with jet-black hair that descended in soft waves over her bare shoulders. The sweeping neckline made it possible to see her soft pink elastic roundness of the breasts, separated by a narrow dark groove. She wore a black satin dress that reached her knees. On the right of the dress there was such a deep slit that when walking, bare legs were visible above the stocking. She shone with jewelry, beauty and youth. We met and I, as a guest of honor, was invited to the table. Her name was Salina. Her father, a wealthy American, encouraged all the whims of his daughter, considering this the height of the originality of his surname. She was fond of the exotic wild Africa and for the second year in this mansion she continuously celebrated her youth with numerous friends. One half of the dining room was free, and there was a little jazz. Salina's best friend Margarita Count and Karl sat down at the table with us. The supper began. Glasses rang, toasts sounded, music thundered. Salina invited me to boogie. she danced passionately and selflessly. Shards of her cut dress flew in the air, completely exposing her beautiful, sleek legs. Hands slightly damp with sweat, she thrust into my sleeves and, wrapping around my wrists under the cuffs, dashingly spun around me, throwing her legs as high as possible. Finally, I was captured by the rhythm of the dance.And almost unconsciously, I performed dizzying steps, striking those around me. She and I, drunk and excited, sank right to the floor. We were applauded. Looking at Salina's fresh fragrant body, I could not resist and touched her shoulder with my hand. It was damp and cool. She looked at me in surprise, stroked my hand and jumped to her feet impulsively. I, too, got up and took her arm, led her to the table. - Are you going soon? She asked me when we sat down. - At ten o'clock in the morning. - Oh, how little time is left. I want to be with you. Let's get out of here. - Let's. We go out into the garden. Small colored lights barely illuminated the garden and the path we walked along. I took her arm and she leaned closer to me. We turned onto a narrower path, along which we had to walk one at a time and she walked in front, and I followed her and admired her figure, illuminated by the faint reflection of the light flying in here. Finally, we came to a small glazed gazebo. She opened the door with her key and let me go ahead. The windows draped with thick fabric did not let light through at all. The gazebo was as dark as a can of ink. I bumped into the table and almost fell, then felt something soft with my hand and sat down, trying to take a closer look, but in vain. It was completely dark. Somewhere nearby, I heard Salina breathing. Suddenly a switch clicked loudly and a blue opaque light illuminated the arbor a little. The luxurious decoration of this corner stunned me. I was sitting on a wide velvet couch covered with a wonderful Persian carpet. Nearby was a small round table with flowers in a crystal vase trimmed with gold. There are two poufs at the table, Salina was sitting on one of them. On the right glittered a huge pier glass, on the shelves of which were placed in a beautiful disorder bottles of perfume. Almost in the middle of the room was a magnificent floor lamp with a wide blue shade. The floor was carpeted throughout the room. The windows are hung in blue velvet and the ceiling is draped in scarlet silk. I didn’t mention the low bookcase yet, but it didn’t catch my eye, I noticed it later. Salina was pleased with the impression that this quiet magical corner made on me. She looked at me silently, waiting for me to speak myself. - What is it? I asked. “This is my refuge. Like? “It's wonderful here, especially when you're here. - Without me there can be no this gazebo. When I leave here, I will burn it. Here I had so many pleasant moments that I am jealous of her for anyone who could get the same in her. I am very attached to things, some of them I love as if they were alive. This is called fetishism, but this word does not scare me. Let it be called whatever you like, but I like it that way. Do you have any favorite things? “No, however, there is,” and I remembered cards and the ace of hearts. - What is this thing? She asked, looking in the mirror. I didn't want to tell her about the cards, and to hush up the conversation, I changed the subject. - What wonderful hair you have. They give your face an inexpressible charm. She shook her head coquettishly and, smiling sweetly, replied: - I'm only afraid that I will soon remain bald. There are too many people on earth who want to have them as a keepsake. Do you want me to cut a curl for you? - You are very kind to me. How did I get your attention? - Nothing. You are an interesting man. I like you. She got up from the pouf and walked over to the pier glass. Finding the scissors, she quickly cut a long lock of hair at her temple. - Here! - she threw my hair, and it, like thin silver snakes, scattered in front of me. I carefully picked them up and put them in a cigarette case. And she combed her hair, rubbed her face and hands with perfume and sat down in her place. - Why are you so timid and silent? - I'm not taciturn. I am simply amazed by you and all this and I just can not come to my senses. - Do you want me to show you the magazines in which my portraits are placed? - She went to the locker with books and pulled out a whole bale - here I am in France at the Miss Universe 1945 beauty pageant. And here I am in Denmark ... And this is in Belgium.Look what a chic convertible. I specially brought him from America to stun the queen. - Happened? - Still would. I was the queen, and she was only present with me. Salina picked one colorful magazine from a pile and showed it to me. On the cover is a photograph of a woman in a dress so thin that one could consider her just naked. She wore black gloves inlaid with sparkles, and a ruby ​​rose in her black hair burned like a flame. Through the narrow slits of the black velvet mask, the pupils of the eyes shone with sparks. - Do you know who it is? - Probably you. - I was dressed like that last Christmas at a holiday in Miami, there were many respectable ladies, they shied away from me like the plague, - she said with a laugh, admiring her photograph, - But everyone else was shocked by the extravagance of my costume, guys they ran after me in droves. It was funny to look at them. One was so hot that he licked the sweat from my shoulder in self-forgetfulness as he danced. I really love when men look at me. I am pleased to see how excited by my naked body, their whole body begins to tremble from carnal excitement. They look over me with their eyes and it seems as if in front of the whole public they are stroking me in the most secret places, as if the glances of these men penetrate me like flesh into flesh. Oh, I revel in it and I want to open up even more to their gaze at such moments and surrender myself to everyone at the same time. Salina closed her eyes and threw back her head, whispering frantically: - What a pity that people limited themselves to the notorious morality, bound themselves forever with the golden chains of morality and called the most wonderful thing in the entire universe a vice. Ah, people, people, - burst out from her. She got up from the sofa and went to the window. An awkward silence fell. I did not know how to answer her to this argument and a waterfall of passion, and feeling guilty, I buried myself in the magazines. - Why did we leave everyone? - She suddenly asked, - It was boring there, but here it is even more boring. God! How tired of this boredom! How disgusted the world with all its petty, ridiculously insignificant people, with its useless chastity and deceitful morality, and in her soul she has a fetid bouquet of such vice and depravity that it seems she is a continuous crimson hole, into which almost every time men throw themselves upside down. And these ugly dogs, thirsty for wine and orgies, in moments of shock, suddenly begin to loudly broadcast about morality, about morality, scornfully talking - a whore with whom he wriggled in bed yesterday, eating sweets that no one except women would give him ... You see, in what conditions we live, why skirts should be up to the knees, and not lower or higher, why can I bare almost all of my breasts, but not my nipples? Why can I walk naked on the beach, and be sure to dress from head to toe in the city? Some nonsense. Now I want to undress now, I want to take a break from a tight dress, but you are here and it is already inconvenient for me to do this, if you do not turn away. Well, why are you silent? Answer me. - I agree with you in many ways, but I can’t say anything except sympathy. I have it with my mother's blood, even from the womb. We Germans highly value chastity and morality, for us these are not just words, but a culture of life. - Oh, you're talking nonsense! - she interrupted me, waving away with irritation, - We ... Germans ... You have no less prostitutes than in France, you also climb in droves to watch naked revues and print millions of pornographic photographs, - fiddling with her silk handkerchief, she walked around the room and sat down next to me, - But all the same, you Germans are an unusual people. You do not have the reckless gaiety and sweet humor of the French, you do not have the shocking swagger of the Americans, there is no cultural courtesy of the Swiss and the servile flattery of the Arabs. Salina was sitting so close to me that I could feel the small tremors of her legs. Staring thoughtfully into space, she was silent. - Why are you torturing yourself with such ridiculous thoughts? - I asked her, somehow unconsciously dropping my hand on her knee.She shuddered, as if under an electric shock, looked at me, moved away. - Go to the living room. I want to be alone, - and, as if apologetically, added, - I am completely sick of boredom, and you are not the right medicine for me. Go, and if Karl hasn't left yet, whisper to him to come here. I wanted to beat her, knead her like dough, I was choked with rage. My pride was trampled by her sharp, graceful heel, and this required revenge. I restrained my outburst of rage, sluggishly shook her cold hand and left. Passing through the door, I imperceptibly pushed the curtain on the window so that a fairly decent gap formed. I did not go into the house, but hid in a nearby bush. A minute later, making sure that I was not being followed, I went to the gazebo and found my crack. In the twilight, I could barely make out the figure of Salina. She was sitting in the same place and in the same position. A minute passed, two, three. She glanced impatiently at the clock, then walked across the room almost to the door and returned to the mirror. Then she began to collect magazines, looking at some of them for a long time. Putting the magazines back in the closet, she looked at the clock and began pacing the room. Glancing at the door, she suddenly stopped, thought for a minute and began to undress. She took off her dress and was left only in very small panties, which covered the lower abdomen with a shiny ribbon, she began to gently rub her bare breasts, lovingly examining herself in the mirror. After finishing the massage, she took off her shoes and stockings and climbed onto the sofa. She lay down for a long time, choosing a pose, and finally calmed down. - It is she who is waiting for Karl, - a thought flashed through my mind, from which I felt uneasy. - I am bad medicine for her, what did she mean by that? I stood in confusion, not knowing what to do. My pride did not allow Karl to call, and now I did not dare to return to her. I was pounding with nervous tremors and my heart sank unpleasantly. To calm down, I decided to walk down the alley and smoke a cigarette. When I went to the gazebo again, it was dark. I was scared, and suddenly she left. And now I had no way of seeing her. But I immediately realized that she could not leave unnoticed for me, since I was walking along the path that led to the house. I decided to go in to her and say that Karl had left, and then come what may. The darkness gave me courage. As soon as I entered, Salina apparently turned towards the door, the springs ringing melodiously beneath it. - Who is it? She asked in a whisper. I was silent. The frantic pounding of my heart shook me like a gust of wind to an aspen. Judging by the tacit answer, Salina said louder and mockingly: “Is it you again? - Yes I. - Why did you come? I didn't invite you. “I came to tell you that Karl is gone. - Yes! Did you not guess to ask the receptionist when this terrible event happened? - No, I didn't ask anyone about anything, - I answered rudely in her tone, - And in general, I'm not your messenger, if you need Karl, go and look for him yourself. I wanted to leave at once, but for some reason delayed. - Did my request make you very angry? - already more friendly she asked. “I didn’t think I would offend you with this. Excuse me, I called Karl and he was really about to leave. He has very important business, but he said that he did not see you, although my conversation took place seven minutes after you left. I thought you were lost in the garden. Excuse me now, I want to sleep. This is the only way to while away a boring night. Good night. The springs rattled under her again and everything was quiet. I stood dazed and crushed, not knowing what to do. I could not get away from her, as if I was chained to her with an invisible chain. In my mind, I began to vilify her with common abuse, trying to force myself to hate her, but in vain. I only realized even more clearly that I fell in love with her with that crazy love that is born instantly and torments a person all his life. Ding - ding - ding - the clock chimed in a treble. Three o'clock in the morning.I stood in a sullen daze and gloomily pondered: what to do? The thought flashed to rush to her and beg for forgiveness, so that she would allow me to be with her, so that I could see her. Now even her mockery seemed small to me in comparison with this scornful silence. The contemplation of her slender fresh body gave me an almost fleshly pleasure. ABOUT! To take a look at her at least once! I wanted to rush to the floor lamp, turn on the light, look at her and run away. I don't know how long I stood in this inky silence, delving into my thoughts. Salina did not show her attention to me in any way, as if I was not there. I sighed heavily. - Is that still you? She asked. I didn't answer. - Do you want to watch me? No worries. I'm not afraid of anyone, and I don't keep eunuchs, because I hate chastity. Damn you! She cried suddenly. - Do you either get out of here, or turn on the light and sit, that you are standing like a pillar in the middle of the room? This shout brought me out of my agonizing stupor. I walked over to the floor lamp, fumbled for the switch cord and turned on the light. Salina was sitting on the couch, her knees tucked to her chin and was staring at me with a wild, angry look. - Throw me a robe, it lies on the closet. Now turn away, I'll get dressed. In a silk scarlet robe, she looked even slimmer and thinner. “Give me a cigarette,” she said, sitting down on the ottoman. They were silent. only now I heard the ringing ticking of a clock, which I had not noticed before. The hands showed 3 hours and 35 minutes. - What are we going to do? She asked. There is nothing to talk with you about, but for more ... - Be quiet, - I asked, - let me look at you. She was very surprised, but fell silent, turning away resentfully. - God, how wonderful you are! - I involuntarily burst out an exclamation. - From what fairy tale, what magician got you and gave you to people? She smiled and bowed her head, coquettishly looked at me from under lowered eyelashes. The robe on her breast opened slightly and I could see the lush roundness of the marbled - white breast. It took my breath away and the words stuck in my throat. - Why did you shut up? Speak! Speak ... I really like it. - What should I say? - I continued, with a look at her. Is it possible to express in words the charm that you radiate, which warms, burns and blinds everything around? She noticed that I was looking at her breasts, but did not close the collar of the robe, but only closed her eyes and lowered her hands, which made it open even more, revealing a white belly strip with a dark depression on the navel. I could not resist and, impulsively jumping up from the pouf, pressed my lips to her half-naked chest. She screamed and pushed me away, bouncing quickly to the side. - Do not! She whispered. - Do not! There was no anger, no reproach, no pleading in this exclamation. And I realized that she was burning with the same desire as me. In a kind of wild frenzy, not realizing what I was doing, what I was saying, I stretched out both hands to her and whispered: - Well, show me her and I won't touch her, I'll just watch. Throw me this handout. I beg you! Her eyes lit up, the beautiful wings of a straight nose fluttered and narrowed, she let out a quiet, drawn-out moan and, as if against her will, as if hypnotized, parted her robe to the sides. Both hemispheres of her breasts, glossy white, with small and dark nipples, swayed and froze, invitingly exposed to meet me. Sweet languor knocked my legs down and I almost fell. Convulsions shook the body. “Salina, honey, I love you,” I whispered, not taking my eyes off her. - Speak, speak, do not be silent! She whispered breathlessly and closed her eyes with her eyelashes. - Show me another piece of your charming body, so that I can carry this fabulous vision in my memory for the rest of my life! She put one leg out of the robe. - Enough? - No no! I shouted. - Yet. - Well, what else? I almost seemed to you. - I want to see your tummy, your hands, your shoulders, I want to kiss your waist, your hips, everything and everything, everything ...- Oh! How you burn me with your words, ”she replied with a tremor in her voice. - I'll show you all, just wait a minute, or I'll die. - I can not wait. I want to see you. - Well, look ... - and with these words she threw off her dressing gown and it fell to the floor, surrounding her legs with a crimson halo. I involuntarily closed my eyes, as if from a bright ray, so charmingly beautiful and sweet was Salina in nakedness. only small satin panties covered from me the remains of her still unknown body. I kept my eyes on them, trying to guess what charms are hidden there. Salina caught my eye. - Do you want to see this too? - Yes. - So right away ... I can't ... - Let me help you. - No, don't ... I myself ... Turn away ... - I can't turn away, I can't part with you for a moment. “At least close your eyes,” she pleaded. - No I can not. - Well, then wait a little ... - I can't wait. I am burning with impatience. - Now. Without taking her eyes from me, filled with voluptuous moisture, she began to fumble her hand over her thigh, looking for the snake lock. - Now ... - she whispered, - now ... Finally, the snake quietly cracked and the panties fell at her feet. She screamed softly and, as if pierced into the very heart by my gaze, fell to the floor as if knocked down. I ran to her. She was pale, beads of perspiration on her forehead and cheeks in small beads. I grabbed her in my arms and carried her to the sofa. Until she regained consciousness, I hastily fumbled over her hand, sweetly feeling a tender naked body. The soft bulge of her pubis was smooth and clean, without a single hair. This gave her the unearthly beauty of an antique figure. She was a deity and all I could decide in relation to her was to touch her body with my hand to make sure and convince my consciousness of the reality of what was happening. Salina opened her eyes and cried out in fright, covering her chest with her hand: “You didn’t do anything to me? “Nothing,” I replied, not yet understanding the question. She sighed with relief and smiled. “My dear, you are lovely,” she whispered and stroked my flaming cheek with her soft hand. - Give me a robe, I'm cold. I handed her a robe and while she was dressing, I sat next to me on the sofa, regretfully looking at how Salina's lovely body was gradually hidden under the thick fabric. - Are you upset that I'm dressing? Well, don't. I'm yours now. As soon as I get warm, I will undress again for you and you can look at me as much as you want. ABOUT! Let's have a little drink, I'm completely sober. And you? - I, too. But where do we get the wine? - Uh! As much as you want here! She exclaimed and, running to the bookcase, pulled out a bottle of cognac. - Would you like it or better whiskey? - Give it. We drank a glass and Salina hid the bottle. - Enough, I don't like drunks. You, too, do not want the pleasant memories of this night to be drowned in a drunken stupor? - Well, of course. Come to me, I will kiss you. - Only not much. On the lips. - Okay. She came up to me and, putting her hands on my shoulders, threw back her head, holding her lips for a kiss. I clung to those plump, blood-red pads, feeling them move under the tip of my tongue, trembling with a sweet rapture. We almost suffocated from the happiness that gripped us. My hand got under the robe and, embracing a thin, flexible waist, I pulled her to me so that she felt a man in me. With my other hand, I began to stroke her breasts and fingering her nipples. Salina resisted listlessly and powerlessly, crying softly: - Oh, what are you doing ... Don't! But my hand was already stroking and crushing the elastic flesh of her pubis, and my index finger plunged into the abundantly moisturized "Grotto of Love". Salina gasped. Her body twisted in sweet convulsions, she barely uttered: - I can no longer stand. Let's go to the sofa ... Grabbing her in my arms, I carried Salina onto the sofa, opened my dressing gown and, in a mad outburst of passion, began to frantically kiss the pink, quivering body. Salina covered her pubis with her hand, not allowing my lips there.I kissed my hand, the dear girl was again close to fainting and, in order to let her come to her senses, I stopped my kissing. Gradually she calmed down, opened her eyes and quietly asked: - What are you? - Now! I quickly stripped naked. She watched me closely with admiration. Then I lay down next to her and felt a trembling tremor shake her body. “Salina, dear, just don’t lose your mind,” I whispered to her, gently spreading her legs. - I'll try, you be careful. It's all so nice, but my mind is getting cloudy ... I want to feel everything ... Careful ... With the utmost care, giving her the opportunity to get used to each new sensation, I made my way to the precious treasure. Salina shuddered nervously and unconsciously tried to stop me. She grabbed my hand, but did not push it away from her, but held it in the place to which I reached. I gently persuaded her, throwing words between kisses, she let go of my hand, and I stubbornly moved on. Finally, I climbed safely over her, sitting between her legs spread wide. But as soon as our members came into contact, Salina screamed and rolled her eyes, her body twitched and fell silent. A deathly pallor covered her cheeks, her breathing was barely noticeable. I decided to wait and, without leaving the achieved positions, began to gently massage her breasts with my left hand. Very slowly Salina came to her senses. Breathing became smoother and deeper, her cheeks turned pink, eyelids fluttered and her eyes opened. She looked into my eyes and suddenly said: - Go away, I do not want you. - What's the matter? Sweetheart, how have I offended you? She pushed me away from her and bounced to the other end of the couch, her back against the wall. - Go away, go away! You are a nasty, nasty freak. I don’t want to see you for a second, ”she said angrily, covering her face with her hands. - But what did I do? Explain! - I don't want to explain anything. Get out. Right now. “I’m not leaving until you tell me what the matter is,” I insisted, angry at this ridiculous misunderstanding. “I’ll call a man and he will throw you naked into the street,” she exclaimed and reached for the bell button. - Wait! - I grabbed her hand, - you insult me ​​undeservedly. I have not done anything wrong. “You took me when I was unconscious. - Not. I swear to god, ”I shouted, stepping back from her. And this exclamation was so sincere that Salina immediately believed me without further evidence. - I believe. Darling, it's good that fate has sent me a reward for everything that I have experienced. Now I will never part with you in my life and you will not go anywhere. She gently leaned against me, kissing my face, shoulders and chest. - My God, how grateful I am to the Almighty for you. do you want me? Take it, I'm yours. Forever. But only, honey, be careful, I want to feel you in me. - I'll be careful. It all started all over again. Slowly and carefully, I lay down on her and gently pressed my penis on the soft lips of love, feeling them move apart by themselves. Salina trembled and grabbed me with her hands. She cried out in pain and stopped shaking painfully. The look in her eyes became defiantly calm. - Well ... Next ... - she said and moved her hips impatiently. I pressed my body and my cock plunged into the hot abyss of crazy pleasure. I no longer remember what I did and how. Vaguely, as in a dream, I imagine the curves of a white elastic body, the growl and groan of two victims of love. Then everything disappeared in a sweet madness. When I woke up, Salina was already sitting next to me and stroking my belly with her tender little hand. A bright ray of the sun shone through the cracks I left at night. “I thought you were dead,” Salina said with a tremor in her voice. - you see, for the first time in my life I turned out to be stronger than a man. I felt you all to the end, I even examined the juice that you poured into me. It is very mixed with mine. Do you want me to show you too? She jumped off the couch and, taking the outlet from the table, brought it to my eyes. there a thick liquid fluttered with dull reflections.“Here you and I are together,” Salina whispered enthusiastically. - I will keep it all my life. We are now husband and wife. I will never let you go from me for a minute. You will not need any women, I will replace them all alone. I was melting under the influx of stormy happiness. Contemplating naked Salina, I was once again convinced of the perfection of her sweet and tender beauty. “Sali, I still have to go to Cologne,” I said apologetically. “No, never,” anger flashed in her eyes. “But honey, you don’t need to be angry. It doesn't depend on me. I was sent on a very important assignment from the firm. A matter of special secret importance, failure to fulfill which threatens me with death. do you want to be killed? I looked at my watch. It was 7 hours and 20 minutes. There remained not much more than two hours before the departure of the steamer. I dressed quickly, kissed my wonderful new wife and rushed to the hotel. She did not come to escort me to the ship. I waited in vain at the gangway until I left. I didn’t know what happened to her and I still cannot believe that she deceived me. But this was the last meeting with an earthly woman with whom I lived and who left an indelible impression on my memory. Fate, obviously, sent it to me in order to show how insignificant her sweets were compared to what the women - cards prepared for me. The stranger was completely drunk. His tongue twisted and his head bowed to the table in an irresistible slumber. I was touched by his ingenuous story, and I decided at all costs to find out what happened next. But he could not say anything, he was almost asleep. I quickly wrote a note in which I gave my address, first and last name, wrapped a few dollars in it and put it in his pocket. , I do not ask what you want, I tell you what I want. He grabs my hand and pulls You change places, now you are standing with your back to the wall, and I am pressed to you by my chest. We kiss, you stroke my neck, the hand smoothly lowers to the ass and strokes it. With your knee you spread my legs wider, all this is watched by a smoking man. At some point, I understand that you took off the shirt from my shoulder and part of the chest is exposed for everyone to see, you caress it, we continue to kiss and then I feel the movement from behind and the hands of a stranger on my chest. He presses against me and I understand that his cock has risen. With his hands he kneads the chest, squeezes the papillae. You whisper in my ear "it seems today we will pull you on two dicks at once, turn around and play with him." I turn around and start unbuttoning the stranger's shirt. He pulls my T-shirt down to the waist and fully engages my chest. His tongue draws incomprehensible patterns and it is very very pleasant. At this moment you pull off the shorts from my ass and start working on it. .

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